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creArt Foundation is grateful for any donations that will help support our cause. One hundred percent (100%) of all funds received are used to purchase art supplies for our creArt paks. Since our workshops are all online now, participants require the art supplies to complete their four (4) projects – one each week for 4 weeks. Donors can choose to donate any amount or donate a creArt pak. Each creArt pak costs $50.00 to make. Cierra then personally delivers the art paks to the homes of the participants prior to the start of the series of 4 workshops (in a month). As of January 5, 2021, creArt Foundation has made 270 creArt paks from donations received.

creArt Foundation thanks all of our donors for their support and for helping us enrich the lives of children and youth with an unforgettable art experience. Thank you for helping us further promote positive mental health during these unprecedented times.


Donations can be sent

-       via etransfer to :

-       or mailed to creArt Foundation 86 Moyal Court, Suite 202, Concord, Ontario, L4K 4R8

Receipts for donations will be mailed or emailed if requested.


creArt Foundation is in the process of applying for Charitable Status.